Buckets of Blessings

God has been so gracious to me! After moving out of Joplin, I had to close out my bank account. But before it closed I was still using my card for gas, not thinking about having to wait for the transaction to go through and Also losing track of time and date. So I filled up my tank then withdrew all my money's from the ATM.. Again not thinking. Then headed to my grandparents where I don't have any reception so I couldn't call my bank. Well when I finding was able to call them, I found out that I still had 63.00 buck still in there!! God blessed me on that one! And yesterday I started watching 6 y/o Gavin and he about killed me from playing base soccer at 9 am then wanting to jump on the trampoline then play soccer then play fight! I'm going to be as skinny as a door nail by the end of the summer! But I thank God for a Job this summer and a healthy one at that!! During the summer I'll be staying with my aunt and uncle whom i love So much! I love being in their home because its so peaceful gives such a calm feeling! i enjoy cleaning their home because its so easy and i know that its really helping them out a great deal since they're so busy with their new church. Plus they're letting me live there while I'm working. Such a blessing. And now I'm spending time with amazing friends in Joplin!! I wouldn't ask for anything better!

Thank you Jesus for everything you have blessed me with!

Free Bird

To start off saying, I am no longer living in Missouri nor do I currently have a job. But! I have a job lined up for the summer watching a 6 y/o Gavin, I will be living in Plattsmouth, NE with my aunt and uncle. They are working on a church plant in that area and I'm really looking forward to helping them out with that as much as I can and just spending time with them and running around like anchormen ( <- that's suppose to say "a chicken" but auto correct did that and I thought it was funny!) with my head cut off with my aunt and uncle! I got to be with them for about two weeks and it was a lot of fun keepin busy with them! I went back to Joplin for my dear friends wedding and stayed there for a week Then headed to my grandparents farm in NoReceptionVill, IA spent two weeks with my THEM just helping with anything and everything! Currently I am in Cedar Rapids, IA with my sister, bro-in-law and two precious nieces. I have been helping my sister with some things that she has been wanting to get done around the house, broke the lawn mower, ate too much Cold Stone, saw some church family and just getting to spend a lot of time with my sister. Then Tuesday I will head back to the farm for a bit before I start with work! So for now I am a free bird and loving it!! although I absolutely miss Joplin, my church down there my friends and my job Very much (I never thought I'd say that!) but life goes on, new things are happening, God blesses me each day with new adventures, big or small and I'm getting to just be... happy! It's very nice. Until next time.

A Brand New Adenture

So to catch you up I am now living in Plattsmouth, NE. My 1040 hours are up and it was time for me to move on. I could have stayed in Joplin and got a job and volunteered BUT it was time for a new adventure. Although I LOVED Joplin and living there and the people in it (I could go on..) I decided to move in with my Aunt, Uncle, 2 cousins and cat. My aunt and uncle are starting to church plant and so I'm enjoying running errands with them, going to all their events, meeting SO many new people and helping them in any way possible.

My time in Joplin was Absolutely AMAZING! I learned so many new things about myself, others, learning how to be the best employee that I can be and a being a servant to the Lord. I watched a lot of people change, learn and grow. I built a lot of relationships and my time there was truly something that I'll never forget.

Now my time in Nebraska will be another great experience. Already I have a job watching a little 6 y/o boy for the summer but before that starts I'm going down to Joplin to celebrate two wonderful people get married and I'll be down there for a week. Then from there I will be going to my grandparents for two weeks, then my oldest sisters for a weeks, then back to my grandparents for another two weeks THEN back to Plattsmouth. I feel I'm going to be busy for a while! And I'm really looking forward to it!

Until next time.

Quite the day!!

So today has been a long one. Work was the same as every other Tuesday except my homegirl, D brought my buddy David To see the distribution center!!! FINALLY!! So that was a nice surprise! But then I was gonna go to the gym after work and saw how busy it was and, well.. It had the same amount of cars there yesterdayvthd that sucked with that many people there. I have no idea why it has been so packed this week. I guess it's a good thing that people are working out. Oh well, I'll be going back Thursday and it'll be so mice! anyways so o came home instead of the gym and that's when all the ridiculous stuff started happening. It started with me touching a hot pan. I was talking about the foil on it and not even thinking about tue freaking hot glass underneath the foil a touched it. Then i broke Jeannies awesome mug because im cool like that but i will he replacing that tomorrow. Then after dinner I decided to make this DELICIOUS pumpkin yumminess that's not too bad calories wise, so I was making it I was also talking to Jeannie at the same time and without paying attention I dump a 1/4 cup of egg whites into the bowl of flour rather then the bowl of my ingredients!!! The eggs AND the flour GONE. luckily it wasn't very much flour! THEN I wanted some milk. So after I pored me a glass, I tried to put the milk back in the cupboard... Absolutly rediculous! Jeannie had said that it was probably because I skipped the gym. Haha I'm starting to believe her!
Anyways march 14 will be my last day at my job and soon after that I will be moving back to Iowa to spend the summer with my grandparents on the farm! It'll be real good!
My time down here in Joplin has been amazing! When I came down I was in hopes for a husband but instead I got something much better. A relationship with Christ. It is stronger then it was before and I pray that it continues to grow stronger and for his guidance to meet the people that will help push me and help me grow. Later on I will blog about my full experience from this place but as for now, I must seep. Good night or good day!
P.S. I don't know how to turn on the comments but feel free to comment on my Facebook about it!

It's been too long!

Ugh! My last update was before thanksgiving So I guess i'll just start there. It was a blast! I brought my SIC (sister in Christ) and my BIC ( figure it out) Diana and David and my other SIC Jessica. We had a ton of fun Played super fun games. Ate too much food and bonded!
Then I had Christmas and I ended upmgoing uP to Cedar Rapids for the weeked and I'm so clad I did because my sweet new niece, Violet Grace was born on Christmas eve and then I got to spend christmas day with my bro-in-laws family which was awesome because I've been doing that for the last few years and it was unexpected for me to even go up there but like I said before, I'm SOmgkad I did!
For new years I worked then celebrated with my church and that was awesome that I got to do that and be with them because They're awesome! Then this weekend I'll be celebrating Christmas with MY family and I'm STOKED about that!! Also since new years David, Diana, Jack and I have been hanging out with my buddy Brian that I met (but didn't get to know well) in early august. So yeah! This year has been a good one so far!

So something WAY off subject: I'd really like to take a self defence class! I wrestled a grown man tonight and I had no awesome moved to protect myself, but I also wrestled clean.. If I was being attacked of something I could have been nasty but since he's a friend... I tried to take him down but after a while I just became a ragdoll. Afterwords I felt really foolish and immature for even wrestling that much! Oh well.. I'm 22 and young and sometimes a just do silly things.
Anyways that's all that's really on my mind at the moment. I'll try to keep you up to date more often ( if anybody even reads this) but no promises!

Read a chapter of Proverbs each and every day!
With much love,
Courtney Cantelle

P.S. I'm wrining this I an iPod so if there's any weird word, I apologize

Lifetime Lessons II

So today has been a very interesting day and it's only 4:30. It started out not too bad. woke up late but I just look at that as me getting more sleep. My buddy went back home today and then 2 other buddies are in NE. but that's OK, I'll see them again. the 2 I'll see them next Friday for sure! Then I get to work and I found out that a good friends' auntie passed away. Very sorry brother for your loss but you'll see her again. Then I got to see some of out regular tornado survivors that I LOVE and one of them I got to meet them 1 week after the tornado and help them dig through the rubble of their home to help find his heart medicine.
the one sitting down talking is Penny and she's just telling us their story
then this guy in the gray is Pierre and it was his medicine that we were looking for. In these pictures were just standing in the rubble of what was once their home.

a few weeks ago I was looking through my pictures form my first trip down to Joplin and I had recognized these people and made the connection that I have been seeing them like once a month since the first time meeting them. Well they came into the distribution center today and I was SO glad to see them now that I know who they are! and I told them that I was a part of that group that helped them that day and it was SO amazing to talk with them about that and they asked to see the pictures that I had of them on facebook. It was just really nice to build that relationship with them.
THEN just a few more people came in that I really enjoy seeing just because I've been able to have a good connection with them.

Then Trisha came in. I've talked about her before and she's sick with Lupus and I met her 2 weeks after the tornado. anyways she's been really struggling with a lot of things. she had a reaction so her injection and she had to go into the the hospital last night. There was a student and he had a really hard time finding her vein and had to poke her 3 times just to find one and I guess he really hurt her doing that. And now because of that she doesn't want to do treatment anymore. After her telling me about that she then gets upset with me about us not being able to let her brother shop. And I wasn't even there for that but I was able to explain why and then she tells me that we're a christian organization and we should be helping everyone not just tornado survivors. but because of the company that pays us people working there we have to jump through their hoops and we can only help tornado survivors.. So then she tells me that she "no longer does the God thing" and by her telling me that just broke my heart because she had come so far along! she's struggling with the fact that she's still sick and she's going through such a tough time in her life and she doesn't understand why it's happening to her. To her, it's Gods fault. And all I could say was what I believe is the truth and how I felt about all of that, Christ still loves her and I still love her. I told her that even though she doesn't want to believe in Him, He's still here for her, He still loves her and He Will still be there for her.
I couldn't help but cry like a little baby while I was talking to her about all of this and praying with her while holding her tight in my arms.    It's so hard to watch this.

So I will be studying 1 & 2 Peter for this and if you have any adive as to what scripture to read to her or for myself, please feel free to share with me. and if you could, just keep her in your prayers.

Lifetime Lessons

Jeannie had a birthday and it was a blast to get to hang out with her for that.
This gal and her family have done SO much for me by taking care of me, letting me live in her home, feeding me (when i am home) and just being a friend.
Thank you Jeannie. Love you!
Loving Fall! These were some sweet Pumpkins that my friend had at her house.

Went to go watch them Build/landscape for a little bit. that was fun and so cool!
What a blessing for the families that got picked.

Met an AMAZING group from Illinois. Miss them SO so much!

Got to spend the weekend with my sister, mom and Grama in Independence/Kansas City. We had a blast! Cant wait to see them next weekend!

My Uncle Johnny and a group from NE came down to Joplin for the weekend to work on some houses for tornado survivors. It was great spending time with him. This year we have definitely grown a lot closer then we used to be and I LOVE it :) 

My Aunt Kimmie and the McKernans came down a few days later and it was a blast hanging out with them and of Course Diana!

We all went to the Falls just for some hang out time.
This  is my cousin Mattie and my Aunt Kimmie

Some AMAZING people that I got to spend time with. Some of them are from California and some of them are from Joplin and One of them is from Washington. Good people.

Jessica and I got to spend some time together at the mall and we were just trying on some goofy hats

we were at the Dent and Ding Warehouse where the Salvation Army will be having a giveaway for the public. So a bunch of us went in and started sorting, moving pallets around and running around like chickens with out heads cut off.
It was a good time!

This lovely man is David. His testimony in something else but the things that he has gone through made him the man that he is today. And he's Amazing! He's my big brother in Christ. He's teaching me to be silent unless it's necessary to speak up. for me, that's a constant working progress. But I love this guy dearly and I'm truly blessed that God put him in my life.

Diana here is truly a woman of God. She taught me about Proverbs 31 and being around her helps me to be a better woman myself whether she knows it or not :) DD and I come from Very similar backgrounds and now we are both here in Joplin serving and just loving on everyone that we meet!
She's such a blessing in my life in many ways.
This special fella is Ben. He came to Joplin at the beginning of October to serve with Calvary Chapel. UNfortunately I didn't meet him until his last full week here but Fortunately I got to spend Some time with him. and just like D, he left quite the impression on me, helped me grow as a person and helped me grow closer to Christ. Ben has an amazing heart, he's hilarious, and quite the charmer. haha He's heading back to Washington tomorrow morning. sad day.
BUT Like he said to me, I know we'll see each other again in heaven, I still hope that we see each other again here in earth

Wow guys.. it's been WAY too long since I last Blogged. So this might be a long one. But Those are just some pics to catch you guys up here.
There have been a lot of crazy, hilarious, irritating, loving, moving, exhausting, sad and changing moments that have happened recently. Some, I cant talk about although I'd love to share but I cant.
I got asked to be a part of the children's ministry with an amazing church and for those of you know know me, know that kids and me.... WELL as I'm growing older and more patient, learning more and my heart is changing, I'm learning to love children. It still takes a lot of patients for me but I'm growing from that and from them.
There are a lot of things that I'm learning from my job! boundaries, patients, respect and also keeping quiet at most times. The things that I am learning from my job, I will keep forever and forever use them.
I get to see my ENTIRE family next weekend (unless the doctor says my sister cant travel). My sister September is suppose to be due on Dec. 22 but we all think that the baby is coming sooner! It's been really hard not being able to really see her during her pregnancy. I've gotten to feel the baby move once but the cool thing is, is that I have 2 very pregnant women around me here in Joplin and so I get to love in their bellies, as weird as that may sound, I love it!
I'm now trying to Figure out what in the world I'm going to do in February when the grant runs out for my job. Am I just going to get another job? go to school? move? I have NO idea. I just have to have faith in the Lord, trust him and listen to where he want's me to go and what to do. SO it's just something that I have to pray about.
Well that's about it for now! hopefully another blog after thanksgiving.