Buckets of Blessings

God has been so gracious to me! After moving out of Joplin, I had to close out my bank account. But before it closed I was still using my card for gas, not thinking about having to wait for the transaction to go through and Also losing track of time and date. So I filled up my tank then withdrew all my money's from the ATM.. Again not thinking. Then headed to my grandparents where I don't have any reception so I couldn't call my bank. Well when I finding was able to call them, I found out that I still had 63.00 buck still in there!! God blessed me on that one! And yesterday I started watching 6 y/o Gavin and he about killed me from playing base soccer at 9 am then wanting to jump on the trampoline then play soccer then play fight! I'm going to be as skinny as a door nail by the end of the summer! But I thank God for a Job this summer and a healthy one at that!! During the summer I'll be staying with my aunt and uncle whom i love So much! I love being in their home because its so peaceful gives such a calm feeling! i enjoy cleaning their home because its so easy and i know that its really helping them out a great deal since they're so busy with their new church. Plus they're letting me live there while I'm working. Such a blessing. And now I'm spending time with amazing friends in Joplin!! I wouldn't ask for anything better!

Thank you Jesus for everything you have blessed me with!

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